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Deciding If You Should Get Decks or Patios for Your Backyard

Once you have decided to do something interesting to your backyard space, it is often up to you to go with patios or decks. In point of fact, your patios and decks can actually serve the same purpose. Most of the time, the differences between the two really lie on the kind of materials that was used to create each of them.

In terms of flooring, patios are usually made of either stones or concrete. With these materials, patio flooring will not be all too difficult to keep well maintained. On the other hand, when it comes to decks, their floor is made of that which you see in boat decks. These wooden platforms are mostly elevated from the ground between a few inches or can go as much as several feet. Your preferences as the home owner and the terrain of your backyard are the top two factors that affect how high your decks will be elevated.

Wood, however, requires more regular care in comparison to what most patio flooring options are. Moreover, wood might be more costly on your part. Some of the most common reasons why this is so is because as your wood flooring grows older, you will be taking good care of them more and you also have to have them undergo some special treatment to keep it protected from the rain and sun. Also, wood is the number one material for getting cracks and being infested by termites. When any of these two things happen to your decks, its foundation will weaken. This is a given if it has already been happening for quite some time and you were too busy to notice it.

Since patios are mostly made of concrete, they do not need that much attention in the same way as your decks would. As long as your patios are installed, you can now proceed in carrying out other tasks you are meant to do and not put too much of your attention to its maintenance. With patio flooring, you will just have to dust it and sweep it. You might want to pain your patio floors once in a while to make them look more appealing. And yet, it is still up to you if you do so or not and it will just be fine either way.

Basically, those just mentioned above are the main differences of patios and decks. However, in terms of offering you a more relaxing view of the outdoors, the two of these options can be great. You may want to spend your free time reading your favorite book sipping your favorite drink or just take an afternoon nap or even entertain some of your house guests outside. Patios and decks are always great in giving you the indoor room comfort and the fresh air outdoors.

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